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White Negroni Piña Colada


I love a well-crafted Negroni—it’s my go-to choice when my husband and I enjoy a night out at our favorite local cocktail bars. However, I’m all about about mixing this classic cocktail at home, too. Over time, I’ve experimented with plenty of variations on traditional recipes, and today, I’m excited to share my latest creation: the White Negroni Piña Colada. This recipe puts a tropical spin on the time-honored Negroni, specifically drawing inspiration from the White Negroni variant.

With a new alterations, I’ve made a smooth, tropical sipper!

The White Piña Colada Negroni combines a tequila and rum base. It’s rare for me to mix these two spirits, but I was delighted by how well they not only merge but also complement each other. Rum, often chosen for its sweetness in tropical drinks, gets an upgrade here with a coconut-flavored variant. The coconut adds to the rum’s sweetness, imparting a hint of vanilla and buttercream flavor. This results in a rather sweet blend, so introducing reposado tequila adds smokiness and depth to the cocktail.

To further enhance the cocktail’s complexity, I grabbed some Suze liqueur. Suze is a french liqueur known for its bitter and complex flavor profile. When taking a sip, you’ll be able to taste hints of citrus with a bit of an herbal, earthy-like undertone. It also happens to be slightly sweet, making it a blend quite nicely with the base spirits of this recipe.

The piña colada aspect is, without a doubt, the star of the show, elevating it to a White Negroni Piña Colada. The coconut-flavored rum lays the groundwork, but it’s the addition of tasty pineapple juice that truly brings the cocktail to life. The juice adds both sweetness and a subtle tang, smoothing out the robust flavors of the spirits and liqueur. The agave nectar further elevates those sweeter notes and the two work together to round out the cocktail.

Lemon juice is added into the mix to give this recipe a refreshing edge. I almost always add a bit of lemon or lime juice to my cocktail recipes because (in my opinion) they are essential in the world of mixology.

After these ingredients are shaken up and poured over fresh ice, we give this cocktail a stunning layered visual. You’ll notice a thin, burgundy hue floating atop the cocktail and that’s thanks to a few dashes of Angostura bitters. Not only does this create a nice looking drink, but the bitters are known for their spiced, woody taste. They’re also known to give cocktails a aromatic sweetness with each sip.


Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.


Step 2: Strain mixture into a rocks glass over fresh ice.


Step 3: Top with several dashes of Angostura bitters and garnish with some pineapple cubes & leaves.


There you have it, a tropical take on a White Negroni cocktail. While this is a drink that’s a bit more spirit-forward, the ingredients come together so effortlessly to create a smooth, refreshing libation. The warmer weather is quickly approaching and I know I’ll be making more of this White Negroni Piña Colada under the sun!

Next time you’re feeling tropical, shake this cocktail up!

White Negroni Piña Colada




  1. Step 1 – Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.
  2. Step 2 – Strain mixture into a rocks glass over fresh ice.
  3. Step 3 – Top with several dashes of Angostura bitters and garnish with some pineapple cubes & leaves.

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