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Unicorn Cosmo


Color changing cocktails? Sign us up! Amazing flavor and natural beauty combine to create this delicious Cosmopolitan, featuring the magical stylings of Unicorn Vodka. Locally distilled in Seattle, Unicorn Vodka is the only all-natural, color-changing vodka on the market. Straight out of the bottle, Unicorn is a rich shade of indigo and, from there, can take on a range of delightful tones, all depending on the mixer. Want royal purple? Add soda water. Looking for something more lavender? Tonic is your answer. Add a bit of citrus and watch a pleasant pink arrive! The possibilities are truly endless.

While a classic Cosmo recipe calls for triple sec and red cranberry juice, I wanted my take on this traditional drink to highlight Unicorn Vodka’s beautiful hues without interruption. So, I swapped the standard ingredients for close-to-colorless orange liquor and white cranberry juice instead. The result? A beautiful, light pink cocktail that’s sure to make any Sex in the City fan proud. And trust me, this concoction is more than just easy on the eyes. The delicate, floral notes of Unicorn Vodka pair perfectly with the orange’s sweetness and the subtle tart of white cranberry juice.

I mean, just look at her! The Unicorn Cosmo is a simple, yet absolutely stunning cocktail that is sure to have every guest at your next happy hour asking for a second round. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out unicorn.vodka to find out where you can grab your very own bottle of this one-of-a-kind spirit. And while you’re at it, give them a follow over on Instagram @unicorn.vodka–they’ll keep your feed full of color-changing cocktail recipes so you’ll always have something new to shake up.

Unicorn Cosmo




  1. Step 1 – Pour ice cold Unicorn Vodka into a chilled martini glass. Add orange liqueur, lime juice, white cranberry juice, and ice to a shaker.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Shake until chilled. ⁠⁠
  3. Step 3 – Strain into the martini glass.⁠

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