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Twisted Pear


Say adios to fall and bonjour to winter with a refreshingly delicious Twisted Pear Cocktail!

As the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, there’s one thing that’s certain to lift your spirits during this transition into winter: a well-made cocktail! This scotch-based beverage is beautifully rounded off with flavors of ginger, pear nectar ,and lemon.

For this recipe I chose Bruichladdich for my scotch of choice. This smooth single malt scotch balances the sweetness of the peach nectar and ginger liqueur with a pleasant smokiness. I garnished this cocktail with a lemon twist and a piece of candied ginger to reflect the flavors in the drink.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you probably know that I consider ginger liqueur to be a cocktail-cart staple. This liqueur adds a subtle kick of ginger and sweetness, making it the perfect addition to many wintery cocktails – I can’t get enough!


Step 1: Add all ingredients into a shaker.


Step 2: Top with ice and shake until chilled.⁠

Mixology tip: When it comes to making a cocktail, there are two key methods of mixing: stirring and shaking. But how do you know when to use each method?

In general, stirring is best for drinks that are made with all clear, non-carbonated ingredients, while shaking is ideal for drinks that contain fruit juices, cream, or eggs. If you’re unsure which method to use, a good rule of thumb is to stir if the drink looks clear in the shaker, and shake if it looks cloudy. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Ultimately, the best way to learn is to experiment and find out what works best for each type of cocktail.


Step 3: Pour mixture into a glass.


Garnish with lemon swirl, candied ginger and enjoy!

Feel free to play around with the ingredients and measurements to find the combination that you like best – everyone likes a slightly different flavor profile, and that’s what makes mixology so fun.

This season, why not spice up your evenings by enjoying a delicious Twisted Pear Cocktail? It’s sure to make your chilly days a little bit cozier and a lot more enjoyable. Cheers!

Twisted Pear




  1. Step 1 – Add all ingredients into a shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Pour mixture into a glass. Garnish with lemon swirl and candied ginger.⁠
Tags: Scotch, Bold, Fruity

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