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What’s your favorite way to enjoy the winter season?⁠ If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’m a summer girl through and through. And although warm weather will always be my first pick, I also don’t mind enjoying a nice snow day every now and then–which is about as often as we see the stuff here in Seattle.⁠ So, while the winter days in my hometown are mostly just rainy and grey, I’ve made a colorful rum and vodka cocktail inspired by more iconic winter weather. That’s right, the Snowball Cocktail is an ode to the many happy memories I have of building snowmen, curling up next to the fire, and–well, ok I’ll admit it–throwing a snowball or two at the people I love.

I first made the Snowball cocktail a couple of years ago, and since then it has certainly become one of my go-to holiday sippers. So naturally, as I was thinking about what holiday drinks are on my menu for this year, I kept coming back to this old favorite. And what kind of Queen Bee would I be if I didn’t share them with you all?

With whipped cream vodka, coconut, vanilla, and blue curacao this winter cocktail recipe packs a real punch. Plus, the blue curacao gives the drink a festive blue color that is reminiscent of all things winter–top with shredded coconut and this libation looks like it’s been kissed by Jack Frost himself!⁠

The Snowball has truly become a staple in my holiday cocktail round up. I mean, with all of the best flavors like vanilla and coconut, how can I not keep coming back?⁠ And as the perfect mix of all things wintertime, this cocktail will surely put you in the holiday spirit. So, this year whether you’re walking in your own winter wonderland, hosting a holiday party, improving your mixology skills, or just looking for a nice little something to sip on at home, give this one a go! If you do be sure to let me know what you think: will you be mixing these up all season long?





  1. Step 1 – Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker, top with ice, and shake until chilled.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Strain into a chilled martini glass.⁠
  3. Step 3 – Garnish with vanilla icing and shredded coconut around the rim.⁠

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