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Passion It About You


This cocktail is all about passion –  passion fruit puree, to be precise. It’s one ingredient I’ve been eager to incorporate into more of my recipes, and let me just say: I’m so delighted with the results.

Passion fruit has a unique taste that is both sweet and tart, making it a lively addition to any cocktail. Plus, its vibrant color is sure to give your drink a big boost of visual appeal. The best part? It’s so simple! From one at-home bartending enthusiast to another, I know you’re going to love this straightforward fruity cocktail recipe.

Passion fruit puree adds a lovely tropical note to this cocktail. The lemon juice provides a tart contrast, while the bourbon and bitters offer complexity and depth.

This is a versatile drink, suitable for any occasion (whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a quiet night in – because we all need way more of those with our busy lives). But what I particularly love is the garnish. Sometimes, all you need to take a basic cocktail to a total showstopper is an eye-catching garnish. It really lets you up your mixology game. For this presentation, I used a sprig of fresh, aromatic rosemary and a gorgeous dried orange.


Step 1: Measure all ingredients into a shaker.


Step 2: Add ice into shaker. Shake until well combined and chilled.


Step 3: Strain mixture into an ice-filled cocktail glass.


Step 4: (Optional) Garnish with dried citrus and a sprig of fragrant rosemary.

I’m sure you’re going to fall head over heels for this passion fruit cocktail recipe. From start to finish, it’s a total breeze, and the results are just delicious! So go ahead and get passionate about your next mixed drink – your taste buds will thank you.

Passion It About You




  1. Step 1 – Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and top with ice. Shake until chilled.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Strain into a cocktail glass over fresh ice.⁠

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