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Olive Oil Lemon Drop


Olive oil is a common ingredient in most of our pantries, but it has recently taken a trendy turn on the internet. Whether in cakes or coffees, I’ve seen this star ingredient showcased all over my feeds. So, I thought it would be fun to center a cocktail around olive oil. That’s how the Olive Oil Lemon Drop came about, and it is a unique cocktail, to say the least! You might be thinking, olive oil in a cocktail? But I promise these ingredients come together in a really tasty way, and I’m happy with how it turned out.

It’s a simple drink that’s made right in the glass. So, let’s get into this recipe!

The traditional Lemon Drop cocktail is renowned for its citrusy flavor and typically features a vodka base. I wanted to ensure this recipe stayed true to the original, as this is still a variation of a Lemon Drop. With vodka at the core of this recipe, I opted to enhance the lemon aspect by swapping regular vodka for lemon vodka. This was an easy choice for me because not only do you still taste that crisp vodka finish, but it also adds a bright, lemony freshness to the mix.

Lemon vodka naturally pairs well with the fresh lemon juice squeezed directly into the glass. When these two are blended together, you’ll immediately notice a strong citrus aroma with a zesty finish. I recommend using a freshly squeezed lemon rather than buying premade lemon juice from the store. The natural tartness of fresh lemon juice enhances the overall flavors of the drink.

Since there are a lot of citrusy notes at play, it’s important to add some sweetener to balance the drink and soften the flavors. In this case, I added honey simple syrup, which has become one of my go-to cocktail sweeteners lately. The syrup’s rich texture helps to smooth out the harsh edges of strong spirits and sharp citrus, resulting in a more balanced and enjoyable drink.

Here’s where the olive oil comes in: simply pour some extra virgin olive oil on top of your prepared mixture in the glass, and you’ll start to notice a layered effect, with the olive oil beautifully floating atop. I must admit, when developing an olive oil-inspired cocktail recipe, I was initially hesitant about how it would taste or whether I could create an enjoyable cocktail. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I took that first sip. You might think the olive oil would overpower the cocktail, but it actually helps smooth out the bold flavors already in the mix. My advice is to ensure you create a thin layer of olive oil because a little goes a long way!


Step 1: Pour the gin and honey simple syrup into a coupe glass. Squeeze a fresh lemon over it.


Step 2: Top the mixture off with olive oil.⁠

This Queen Bee doesn’t shy away from hopping on trends, and I wasn’t about to pass up this olive oil craze! The Olive Oil Lemon Drop is smooth, citrusy, and refreshing. I can promise you, this cocktail is unlike any you’ve tried before. Made with just a few ingredients and ready in minutes, this is a drink you have to try for yourselves.



Olive Oil Lemon Drop




  1. Step 1 – Pour the gin and honey simple syrup into a coupe glass. Squeeze a fresh lemon over it.
  2. Step 2 – Top the mixture off with olive oil.⁠
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