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Hibiscus Royal


In the world of cocktails, simplicity and elegance often go hand-in-hand. The Hibiscus Royal is a testament to this truth. This cocktail, ideal for any occasion that calls for a touch of something different. Here we have just that, the Hibiscus Royal is a lovely combination of hibiscus syrup, a wild hibiscus flower, and Prosecco, all served in an elegant champagne flute. Let’s delve into the unique flavor profile of each ingredient and explore how they beautifully blend to create this wonderful cocktail.

What sets the Hibiscus Royal apart is its striking simplicity paired with a complex flavor profile. Unlike many cocktails that require multiple steps and a wide array of ingredients, the Hibiscus Royal is crafted directly in the glass, making it accessible even to novice cocktail enthusiasts. The visual appeal of the cocktail, with its vibrant reds and the delicate silhouette of the hibiscus flower, makes it not just a drink, but a work of art.

As mentioned, this is an easy 3-ingredient cocktail but the overall flavors are centered around hibiscus. The hibiscus syrup, the foundational element of this cocktail, offers a tart and berry-like flavor, reminiscent of cranberries but with a more floral note. Its deep red hue adds a visually stunning aspect to the drink. I was able to use the hibiscus syrup that sits in the jar of wild hibiscus flowers, and I also happen to drop this flower into the cocktail after getting some of its syrup in the champagne flute. When submerged in liquid, the wild hibiscus flower imparts a subtle, raspberry-like flavor with hints of rhubarb and a floral aroma. It’s a gentle yet noticeable undertone.

Finally, topping things off with some Prosecco. The bubbles in Prosecco not only add a textural dimension but also help to lift and spread the hibiscus flavors throughout the palate, creating a well-rounded tasting experience.

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Step 1: In a champagne flute, pour in the hibiscus syrup and place the wild hibiscus flower in the flute after.

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Step 2: Top the flute off with Prosecco.

When these ingredients come together in a Hibiscus Royal, they create a blend of sweet, tart, and bubbly sensations. With its beautiful look and elegant flavors, the Hibiscus Royal is a simple choice that brings a touch of luxury to any moment.

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Hibiscus Royal




  1. Step 1 – In a champagne flute, pour in the hibiscus syrup and place the wild hibiscus flower in the flute after.
  2. Step 2 – Top the flute off with Prosecco.

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