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Frozen Limoncello Spritz


As the sun beams and the days stretch longer, nothing quite matches the refreshing zest of a Frozen Limoncello Spritz. This cocktail combines the vibrant flavors of Italy’s beloved limoncello with the effervescence of Prosecco, rounded out with the creamy texture of lemon sorbet. It’s a perfect choice for hot afternoons or when you’re simply craving an icy treat!

The foundation of this spirited concoction starts with limoncello, a lemon liqueur from Southern Italy known for its bright, intense lemon zest flavor. It’s both sweet and tart, providing a bold citrus base that defines the cocktail’s character. When blended with fresh lemon juice, the limoncello’s flavors are amplified, enhancing the natural acidity and tanginess, making each sip a crisp and invigorating experience.

Adding lemon sorbet is the twist that transforms this drink from a simple spritz to a sublime summer treat. The sorbet’s icy texture cools the intensity of the lemon, while its sweetness tempers the tartness of the limoncello and lemon juice blend. This combination ensures that the drink remains balanced, with a smooth, sherbet-like consistency that’s both indulgent and refreshing.

A scoop of ice is blended together with the limoncello and lemon components to achieve a frosty consistency that’s ideal for sipping on a warm day. The blending process is key, ensuring that the ice is finely crushed, melding seamlessly with the liquid ingredients to create a silky-smooth slush.

After achieving the perfect frosty blend, the next step is to stir in the Prosecco. This Italian sparkling wine adds a lively, bubbly element to the drink, lightening the texture and introducing a subtle complexity to the flavor profile. The Prosecco should be stirred gently to maintain its effervescence while ensuring it’s fully incorporated into the frosty base, creating a bubbly, frothy top layer as it pours.

Serving the Frozen Limoncello Spritz in a coupe glass adds an element of elegance to this playful drink. The glass showcases the smooth, pale yellow of the cocktail, topped with a frothy layer that invites the first sip.


Step 1: Blend limoncello, sorbet, lemon juice, and a scoop of ice in a blender until smooth.


Step 2: Slowly add Prosecco and stir until incorporated.


Step 3: Pour into a coupe glass and garnish.

The Frozen Limoncello Spritz brings together the classic Italian flavors in a format that’s both innovative and immensely enjoyable. It reminds me of sipping on a refreshing frozen lemonade with a boozy kick to it which I know you’ll appreciate as much as I do.

So, grab your blender, and let’s toast to the sunny days ahead!

Frozen Limoncello Spritz




  1. Step 1 – Blend limoncello, sorbet, lemon juice, and a scoop of ice in a blender until smooth.
  2. Step 2 – Slowly add Prosecco and stir until incorporated.
  3. Step 3 – Pour into a coupe glass and garnish.

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