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Cupid’s Kiss


The Cupid’s Kiss is a touch of Valentine’s Day in a cocktail glass, named after the God of Love himself! This is the definition of a refreshing libation as it’s vibrant, refreshing, and bubbly. With a blend of different spirits and flavors, mixing up a Cupid’s Kiss will give you a deliciously well-balanced drink to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry, The Cupid’s Kiss is a cocktail that can really be enjoyed any time of the year when you’re craving something special.

We’re starting off this recipe with what gives this cocktail that boozy kick: tequila! Tequila is a spirit known for its smoky, slightly earthy notes followed by a smooth finish. Of course, there are different types of brands and types of tequila that will have an effect on the overall taste of the spirit. For this recipe, I recommend either a Blanco or Reposado as Añejo adds a bolder flavor that may overpower the other ingredients.

The citrus element of the Cupid’s Kiss comes from grapefruit juice. Yes, we’re steering away from lime for this one! But grapefruit juices mixes in just as well with tequila (I mean, it’s the foundation of a Paloma, after all). The natural agave sweetness and earthiness in tequila complements that tart and slightly bitter flavor of grapefruit juice. This contrast creates a balanced and enjoyable tasting experience for your palate. We’ll definitely be needing to sweeten things up with these two, and that’s where the strawberry syrup comes in. This rounds the drink out and gives it a bit of a fruity kick, rather than merely sweetening the cocktail.

After those 3 ingredients (along with ice) are shaken up together, the mixture should be strained over fresh ice in a highball glass.

This is where things get even better! Topping this glass off is the addition of Pink Moscato. Pink Moscato is a type of sweet, lightly sparkling wine that happens to be perfect for topping cocktails. While Moscato doesn’t have the same level of intense effervescence as Champagne or other sparkling wines, it does offer a gentle fizziness that adds to the refreshing quality of this recipe.

Garnish with a fresh strawberry, and if you’re enjoying this for Valentine’s Day make it in the shape of a heart to add on to the theme of love!


Step 1: Pour tequila, grapefruit juice, and strawberry simple syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until chilled.


Step 2: Strain the mixture into a high ball glass over fresh ice.


Step 3: Top off the mixture with Pink Moscato. Garnish.


The Cupid’s Kiss is a cocktail inspired by Valentine’s Day but is easily a year round recipe to be enjoyed anytime! The ingredients are simple, just like the method used to make this refreshing cocktail. Treat yourself and those around you to this bubbly treat, I know you’ll fall in love!

Cupid’s Kiss




  1. Step 1 – Pour tequila, grapefruit juice, and strawberry simple syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until chilled.
  2. Step 2 – Strain the mixture into a high ball glass over fresh ice.
  3. Step 3 – Top off the mixture with Pink Moscato. Garnish.

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