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Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini


The Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini looks like an ice cream sundae in a cocktail glass! Believe me, it’s the perfect drink to sip on after dinner when you’re in the mood for some dessert. Sweet, creamy, and boozy, does it get any better than that? This also happens to be a great recipe to mix up for any Valentine’s Day festivities you may have in the works this year.

Now, the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini is one of those recipes you simply shake and serve, but I’m sharing an easy touch to make the presentation of this cocktail that much more impressive. Before getting into the build of the cocktail, take your martini glass and drizzle some chocolate syrup along the inside. Stick it in the freezer for the chocolate drizzle to harden a bit before pouring the mixture into its glass. Not only does it add a unique visual element to the drink, but it enhances the chocolate flavors within this cocktail recipe.

As this recipe involves ingredients with very prominent and distinct flavors, I wanted to make sure to choose a spirit that would allow the other elements to shine. Vodka is a perfect choice for this very reason – it’s known for its clean finish with subtle flavor notes. You can probably tell by the lovely images, but this is a cocktail mixture that absolutely embodies creaminess. With that being said, white chocolate liqueur was a great addition due to its velvety texture and sweet notes. This is a liqueur that is often enjoyed in small quantities due to its richness and sweetness, so a little goes a long way. Pouring in some heavy cream makes this a truly indulgent drink. While white chocolate liqueur is noticeably sweet, heavy cream is neutral with just a hint of dairy sweetness. This is exactly what I look for in a dessert cocktail!

Next, I added in some Luxardo cherry syrup. This isn’t the artificial cherry flavor found in many commercial products; it’s a deep, rich, and authentic cherry taste, derived from real cherries. This syrup is quite sweet, so I only poured in a dash, since this is already a cocktail with many sweet elements in the mix.

Lastly, to give this cocktail a vibrant pop, I skewered 3 Maraschino Cherries and set them right on top of the glass.


Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.


Step 2: Strain into a martini glass.



Step 3: Garnish with a skewer of Maraschino cherries.

The Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini is one that can be enjoyed year-round, but I recommend you try shaking it up for Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s sure to impress that special someone.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini




  1. Step 1 – Pour all ingredients into a shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.
  2. Step 2 – Strain into a martini glass.
  3. Step 3 – Garnish with a skewer of Maraschino cherries.


Tip: Apply a chocolate syrup drizzle along the inside of the glass and stick it in the freezer to harden, about 5 minutes.

Tags: Vodka, Creamy, Rich, Sweet

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