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Cherry Old Fashioned


I’ve made my fair share of Old Fashioned cocktail recipes, whether that be the original or brand new twists on the beloved classic. The Old Fashioned is a true icon in the world of mixology, but I have yet to create a berry-like spin on one of my favorite cocktails. And with that simple realization, the Cherry Old Fashioned was born!

As with most Old Fashioned cocktails, bourbon is the backbone of our revamped concoction, bringing both warmth and depth. Its rich, caramel notes and subtle hints of oak set the stage for the lovely blend of flavors to follow. Here’s where we deviate from tradition, introducing a tart and tangy element that adds a refreshing twist. The cherry’s natural acidity balances the sweetness of the other ingredients, imparting a vibrant and fruity dimension. I specifically decided to go with a tart cherry juice rather than a sweeter option.

Speaking of complexity, a touch of citrus brightness, courtesy of freshly squeezed lemon juice, adds a zesty kick to our libation. Its acidity enhances the overall sipping experience of the cocktail, giving it a bit more depth. Ah, sweetness with depth – that’s what honey simple syrup brings to the mix! Unlike conventional sugar cubes, honey infuses the drink with a nuanced sweetness, hinting at floral undertones and earthy richness.

Paying homage to tradition, orange bitters lend a subtle yet essential aromatic quality to our Cherry Old Fashioned. With their complex blend of citrus and spice, they tie all the flavors together, elevating the cocktail to new and notable heights.


Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.


Step 2: Strain into a rocks glass over an ice sphere.


Step 3: Twist orange rind over the rim to release oils, then garnish.

The Cherry Old Fashioned is a study in balance. It’s neither too sweet nor too tart, striking the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation. With each sip, you’re transported to a bygone era, yet anchored firmly in the present, savoring the timeless allure of a classic cocktail reimagined.

If you’re like me and enjoy a tasty Old Fashioned, then be sure to try this fruity twist on the timeless original!

Cherry Old Fashioned




  1. Step 1 – Pour all ingredients into a shaker topped with ice. Shake until chilled.
  2. Step 2 – Strain into a rocks glass over an ice sphere.
  3. Step 3 – Twist orange rind over the rim to release oils, then garnish.

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