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Blueberry Lavender Collins


The Blueberry Lavender Collins is a refreshing, bubbly libation that’s perfect for the spring season! There are so many flavors at play in this recipe, but they complement each other in a seamless way. With each sip, you’ll taste the floral yet fruity notes, and it’s visually stunning as well.

Let me walk you through how to build your own Blueberry Lavender Collins!

The Blueberry Lavender Collins is definitely a cocktail recipe that leans toward the simpler side, much like most Collins-style cocktails! This recipe draws inspiration from the Tom Collins cocktail—a timeless bar classic we’re all familiar with. Believe it or not, the original Tom Collins dates back to the 1870s, with a recipe consisting of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water, served over ice in a large glass. This Blueberry Lavender Collins recipe that I’ve whipped up builds on that foundation, with a few notable additions to elevate the tasting experience.

Just like the original, this cocktail is made with gin, but I’ve chosen a hibiscus violet gin to give the drink a floral edge. Hibiscus gin tends to have a smooth, almost silky mouthfeel, which makes it particularly pleasant as a base in cocktails. Thanks to the violet element, the gin provides the mixture with a stunning deep purple hue.

To round out the floral notes, I decided to add a touch of ginger liqueur. This liqueur has become one of my favorites for use in cocktails since it is such a unique mixer and adds significant depth to the drink.

Now, let’s dive into one of the main flavor components of this recipe: blueberry. Here, the blueberry martini mixer comes in to provide the bright taste of blueberries without being overwhelmingly tart. There are many different blueberry-flavored mixers available at your local market or liquor shop, but I chose Amoretti for its ability to balance the flavors and keep the drink well-rounded.

To sweeten things up, we have lavender simple syrup to enhance the already prominent floral notes in the mix while also providing a sugary finish. I make sure that the tasting notes of all my cocktail recipes not only stay consistent but also blend well together. This way, we elevate the flavor while providing necessary sweetness.

Echoing the original Tom Collins, I’ve added lemon juice for a zesty and refreshing edge. Lemon or lime juice is essential in many of our favorite cocktail recipes because it helps smooth out some of the bolder ingredients, especially the spirits.

Once these ingredients are shaken together with ice, go ahead and strain it into a highball glass over fresh ice. Lastly, for a pleasant bubbly finish, top the rest of the cocktail off with club soda. This also creates a lovely and impressive ombre effect that’s sure to impress!


Step 1: Pour all ingredients (aside from the club soda) into a cocktail shaker topped with ice.⁠


Step 2: Shake until chilled, then strain the mixture into a highball glass over fresh ice.


Step 3: Top the glass off with club soda and garnish.⁠


The Blueberry Lavender Collins is my vibrant twist on the Tom Collins, a favorite many of us know and love. This variation is perfect for the bright, sunny days ahead, and I’m always here to bring you recipes to enjoy as the seasons change. I would describe this libation as elegant, stunning, and, of course, delicious!

Blueberry Lavender Collins




  1. Step 1 – Pour all ingredients (aside from the club soda) into a cocktail shaker topped with ice.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Shake until chilled then strain the mixture into a highball glass over fresh ice.
  3. Step 3 – Top the glass off with club soda and garnish.⁠

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