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Autumn Apple Spritz


I recently stumbled upon this absolutely delicious cocktail that screams autumn in every sip, and I just have to share it with you. It’s called the Autumn Apple Spritz, and let me tell you, it’s like capturing the beloved season in a glass.

First off, the best part about this drink is its simplicity and elegance. It’s built right in the glass. I recommend using a stem glass – it adds that touch of sophistication and keeps your hands from warming the drink too quickly.

This is such an easy recipe to follow, so let’s get into the build!

As mentioned, this is one of those cocktails built right in the cocktail glass itself. No need for fancy mixology tools or shakers, so anyone can make this recipe in the comfort of their home!

Start by filling the glass with ice. I prefer using larger cubes as they melt slower and keep the drink chilled without diluting it too quickly. Now we’re going to pour the ingredients over the fresh ice. Here comes the apple cider. This isn’t your average, everyday apple juice. Apple cider is more robust, slightly tart, and has a deeper, more complex flavor profile. It brings the essence of freshly picked autumn apples to the drink, offering a natural sweetness and a hint of earthiness.

Then, we add cinnamon schnapps. This is where the magic happens. The schnapps infuse the drink with a warm, spicy note. The cinnamon complements the apple cider perfectly, adding a layer of spicy warmth that makes the drink come alive.

And now for the grand finale – topping it off with Prosecco. This Italian sparkling wine adds a beautiful effervescence to the drink, lifting all the flavors and balancing the sweetness with its crisp, dry taste. If you don’t have Prosecco, any sparkling white wine will do, though it might slightly alter the finished flavor. Prosecco tends to be a bit sweeter and lighter, which works wonderfully in this cocktail.

Give it a gentle stir to ensure all the elements combine evenly together, and garnish with a couple apple slices.

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Step 1: Fill a glass with ice.⁠ Add apple cider and cinnamon schnapps to the glass.⁠

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Step 2: Top with Prosecco and stir gently to combine.

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Step 3: Garnish with a couple of apple slices.

The Autumn Apple Spritz has become one of my favorites from the first time I took a sip! The apple cider brings sweetness and fruitiness, the cinnamon schnapps add a spicy warmth, and the Prosecco ties it all together with its bubbly and crisp nature. Each sip starts with the fizz of the Prosecco, followed by the sweet and earthy notes of the apple cider, and finishes with the warm spice of the cinnamon. It’s a cocktail that’s both refreshing and comforting, great for those cool autumn evenings.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a cocktail that’s easy to make but impressively delicious, give the Autumn Apple Spritz a try!

Autumn Apple Spritz




  1. Step 1 – Fill a glass with ice.⁠ Add apple cider and cinnamon schnapps to the glass.⁠
  2. Step 2 – Top with Prosecco and stir gently to combine.
  3. Step 3 – Garnish with a couple of apple slices.

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