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Apple Lavender Toddy


Have you ever sipped on a hot cocktail? If not, you’re probably thinking how strange that sounds! Well, trust me when I say they’re truly delicious. As the leaves start to change color and the temperature drops, many of us seek warmth in comforting flavors. One such comforting drink to turn to is the classic Hot Toddy. But have you ever tried giving it an autumn twist? Enter the Apple Lavender Toddy.

Here, we’ll delve into the flavors of this drink, understand how it sets itself apart from the traditional Hot Toddy, and mix up this cozy and satisfying recipe.

The original Hot Toddy is a simple concoction of whiskey (or sometimes rum), hot water, honey, and lemon. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the way it can warm you from the inside out on a cold day. While this Apple Lavender Toddy maintains the soul of a Hot Toddy – that warming, comforting essence – it sets itself apart in many ways.

To start, the base is made up of brandy. While it’s still a dark liquor, the notes from this spirit are in a different ballpark. This simple swap creates a softer, fruity base to the Apple Lavender Toddy.

Of course, I had to add a touch of sweetness to the mix! Brown sugar imparts a molasses-like richness, which complements the warmth of the brandy beautifully. Think of it as adding a touch of coziness to the drink, and nothing embodies cozy quite like the fall season.

Building off that sweetness we also have the notable addition of lavender simple syrup. Lavender has a distinctive floral aroma, but when paired with other ingredients, it doesn’t overpower. Instead, it adds a light, flowery whisper, elevating the overall drinking experience. Plus, I’m personally a huge fan of lavender!

Finally, we have the finishing touch: hot apple cider. Apple cider in itself is a hallmark of fall. Its natural sweetness, combined with the tanginess of apples, brings freshness to our toddy. Moreover, when it’s hot, it further accentuates the other flavors and ties the drink together.

Every cocktail needs a garnish and this Apple Lavender Hot Toddy is no exception. I went with star anise and dried lavender pedals. While these are garnishes, they’re not just there for looks. Star anise adds a subtle licorice note, and those dried lavender petals echo the hint of lavender from the syrup, making the drink not only taste good but also look pretty (and that’s always the goal).


Step 1: Add brown sugar, lavender simple syrup and brandy to glass/glass mug and stir.


Step 2: Top with hot apple cider.


Step 3: Garnish with star anise and dried lavender.

The Apple Lavender Toddy is more than just a drink; it’s an experience. It brings together the comfort of the classic Hot Toddy with the richness of fall flavors. Each ingredient plays a role, blending together to produce a drink that’s both warming and refreshing.

So, the next time you’re looking for a drink to curl up with, give this one a try – it might just become your new fall favorite!

Apple Lavender Toddy




  1. Step 1 – Add brown sugar, lavender simple syrup and brandy to glass/glass mug and stir.
  2. Step 2 – Top with hot apple cider.
  3. Step 3 – Garnish with star anise and dried lavender.
Tags: Brandy, Bold, Floral, Rich

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