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A Dozen Rosé


In my opinion, nothing screams Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of beautiful roses and a glass of delicious champagne. So, I thought—why not mark the occasion with a sparkling cocktail inspired by the two? And voila! The A Dozen Rosé cocktail was born. This drink is a riff on the classic French 75, calling for pomegranate, sparkling rosé, and a splash of rose cordial. Trust me, between the amazing flavors and show-stopping color, this sipper is sure to be a hit no matter how you’re celebrating this year!

Not many people know that the traditional French 75 cocktail dates back to World War One, when the drink rose to popularity and was named after the 75-millimeter field gun—a firearm notably used by the French in this era. Originally dubbed the Soixante-Quinze (75) by the bartender who created it, this drink quickly became a popular sipper worldwide.

However, you might be surprised to learn that the original cocktail recipe was a far cry from the drink we know and love today. Back then, this libation was created with dry gin, applejack brandy, lemon juice, and grenadine—not a bubble in sight! Since that time, the French 75 has gone through several unrecognizable renditions—including a time when it was mixed up with absinthe instead of lemon juice. Today, we’re adding A Dozen Rosé to that list of unique spins on a tasty classic cocktail! I’ll take you step by step through the recipe below!


Step 1: Add all ingredients, except sparkling rosé, to a cocktail shaker.

I used Aczu gin, Portland Syrups rose cordial, Pom Wonderful, and Babe sparkling rosé.


Step 2: Top with ice and shake until chilled.


Step 3: Strain into a champagne flute and top with sparkling rose.

Fun Fact: You may be wondering… what’s the point of a champagne flute? Well, the shape the glass helps to preserve the bubbles in your drink– making for a bubblier sipping experience! The proper way to hold a champagne class is from the stem. This prevents your hands from warming up the beverage– keeping the champagne cold inside the glass.

A Dozen Rosé truly captures all my favorite things about this time of year, wrapping them up into one delicious drink. This sipper is a well-balanced mixture of fruity sweetness, subtle floral notes, and—of course—comes with a delightfully carbonated mouth feel. Plus—this sparkling cocktail’s delicious flavors and gorgeous hue make it the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration. So, what do you say? Mix up A Dozen Rosé and raise a glass to someone you love!

A Dozen Rosé




  1. Step 1 – Add all ingredients, except sparkling rosé, to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Step 2 – Top with ice and shake until chilled.
  3. Step 3 – Strain into a champagne flute and top with sparkling rose.
Tags: Gin, Wine, Floral

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