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Holiday Recipe eBook Available Now

Holiday Recipe eBook Available Now

The holiday season is a truly magical time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate, and what better way to enhance these joyous moments than with the art of mixology? I’ve had the pleasure of curating a special recipe book that’s tailored perfectly for holiday celebrations.


Mixing up delightful concoctions, whether you’re a professional bartender on the go or simply enjoying the comforts of your home, can be quite a task. You see, the goal is to ensure that every guest who crosses your threshold is treated to a drink that sets the perfect mood for the occasion. This is where the beauty of mixology truly shines. It’s an art form that offers an endless canvas of possibilities, with an astonishing array of ingredients, unique liqueurs, and artistic garnishes to craft an experience that’s as unique as the snowflakes falling outside your window.

The heart of my holiday recipe book lies in its inclusivity. It’s not just a collection of run-of-the-mill cocktail recipes; it’s a journey through a wonderland of spirits, flavors, and atmospheres that you can conjure up for every festive gathering. Picture yourself sipping on champagne by the fireplace, or perhaps you’re in the mood for a frosty, citrus-infused concoction that transports you to a winter wonderland.

Let’s explore the art of mixology together, where every page turns into a canvas of possibilities. From classic to contemporary craft cocktails, we’ll dive deep into the world of flavors. So, whether you’re a seasoned bartender or a beginner with a shaker, get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure that will elevate your holiday gatherings to unforgettable heights. Cheers to a season filled with delicious memories and spirited toasts!

Pictured: Can’t Catch Me!

Author Meet Kelly Sparks, the creative mastermind and cocktail influencer behind @QueenBeeMixology. While mixology may not be her day job, it is her passion. As the Founder and CEO of VMG Studios, a successful and award-winning creative agency and video production studio, Kelly brings her expertise in creativity to the world of cocktails. As a self-taught and dedicated do-it-yourselfer, Kelly makes the journey to amazing cocktails accessible to everyone. And when she’s not hard at work, you can find her sipping a delicious drink with her husband.

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