Queen Bee Mixology
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The Queen Bee Story

Queen Bee Mixology was born out of Kelly Spark’s two greatest loves: high-quality video production and delicious cocktails. Back in 2004, Kelly founded VMG Studios—a hybrid creative agency and video production studio—in the garage of her home. Today, Kelly’s tiny business and huge dream have grown into a multi-Emmy award-winning force-of-nature that specializes in video, animation, and design.  

 But it hasn’t always been this way. Building a business from the ground up is a huge undertaking and just like with most new companies, money was tight in the beginning. Making it through those early years meant that Kelly was no stranger to financial struggle, but her love for a good cocktail never wavered. As a matter of fact, it’s the very circumstance that sparked a life-long passion for home bartending! Back then she started mixing, muddling, and stirring her own way to a great cocktail from home and hasn’t looked back since. 

Kelly Sparks Queen Bee Mixology
Kelly is an entrepreneur through and through, who has never shied away from making her dreams become her reality. She is an active, energetic, do-it-yourself kind of gal who built VMG Studios from the ground up, and who jumped whole-heartedly into Queen Bee Mixology in an effort to demonstrate her team’s unmatched abilities in video production.
When asked what her biggest piece of advice for burgeoning home bartenders is, Kelly quickly replied “Don’t be intimidated.” Her point? The world is full of incredible mixologists with a host of impressive skills–each of them deserves the admiration and accolades they receive. But the truth is, making a delicious cocktail doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It’s more than ok to rely on Google–or the Queen Bee herself–to help you learn the perfect shaking, stirring, and garnishing techniques. Kelly is all about trying, tasting, exploring, and making the journey to amazing cocktails accessible to everyone.